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Weekend at Benny's (Artist)

A necromancer has given Benzavur a second chance at life... as an undead. In search of a new home with little 9 year old Celeste as a guide, they aim to challenge their bleak fates together.


But that's all up to the roll of the dice.


Zombie Escape (Writer/Artist)

A man amidst the zombie apocalypse is living-... dying in denial?

The story follows Donovan as he makes his way through the now zombie ridden town of Lazarus Springs, reconfronts his past and comes to terms with his death.

Stories from Altamar Webcomic (Writer/Artist)

Three retired pirates from the skies of Altamar come back together for their biggest adventure yet: parenthood.


A Ray of Light (Artist/Writer)

Raymond is about to uncover the biggest scoop in his paranormal investigation career, but perhaps it's too big for his own good.

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